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September of 2015 I received a loan in the amount of 1,200 from Rapid Auto Loans in Orlando, Fl. I agreed to pay 183.44 per month until the balance was paid in full with interest.

I fell upon hard times and a repo was placed in action on April 6, 2016. At that time having new employment I was able to make a payment in the amount of 190.00 owing 1 more payment of 183.44 to become current. The "recovery center" contacted me saying that my car was up for repossession and the amount of 190.00 wasn't good enough I had to pay more. At that point I had no more funds but I continued working and every two weeks since April 15, 2016 I have managed to make payments ranging from 100.00 to 200.00 in order to become current.

On June 1, 2016 I made a payment in the amount of 84.29 to 7/11 which was only 15 days late. During this time my account showed an active status and Rapid Auto Loans still allowed me to make payments to them even though my account was supposedly in collections. According to the Cobb Letter law no company can accept partial or complete payments from a client, and allow the account to remain active as well as repossess their property. My car was wrongfully repossessed from my job on June 1, 2016 between the hours of 915pm and 12am.

I spoke with Nicole from the Recovery center on June 2nd and at that time I was told I would be held responsible for a 250.00 fee for the processing of the repo and admin fees to Rapid Auto Loans. After paying 250.00 that I shouldn't have been held accountable for I was told by Scott at AB Harker that my fee for release would be 70.00 admin and 25.00 per day for storage. I called back as of June 3 to see how much I owed in total to then be told 652.00 to the towing company. I called back and spoke with the rude manager Ana at the Recovery center.

I told her all I had was 200.00 and asked could the other 459.00 be added to my loan. She said yes they would be able to put it on the back end of the loan. She then also instructed me to call Maxwell for a re write to borrow more money because I appeared to be eligible or ask for more time on the amount I currently owed. I don't understand how someone in collections has so much access to my account to see that I am eligible for more money.

I never called Maxwell because at this point I am not interested in doing anymore business with such a shady and rude company. My car was released from AB Harker as of June 7th. My loan amount at this point with the 459 on the back end should be 1092.00 and now I am looking at over 1300.00 owed on the account. Also this company has a way of retroactively adding charges to your account because now I have an admin charge of 709 but no charge in the amount of the 459 that was discussed.

I am seeking legal assistance with this matter because I have paid more than enough money back to these companies that are in cahoots together to scam people out of their money and their possessions. STAY AWAY FROM RAPID AUTO LOANS!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rapid Auto Loans Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I'm going through this as I read this status I'm oh so mad...i only owe $413 which became due on oct 15 its now oct 31 and they already repoed my car now being told dat I have to pay a extra $895 for a repo fee but they don't have any repo paperwork for me


post this review on google and you will see. And for the other hand there is a law that they can't repossess your car if you are more than 60 days without payment and you can pay with a maximum 12 month and the interest no more than 35%.

I hope this can help you

Sunrise, Florida, United States #1205744

Thx, wish saw these comments 3 months ago. Now I am screwed and threstening.

Waiting on backpay for disability, ss, which ss is brutal, way overdo and lying when get my retro pay. Planned on having it loke they said, 2 months ago. Threatening to get my car, wont take a partial payment.

Days whole byvthursdsy, I said ill pay all owed friday when I get a check. They said 90 days, not 91,-one freaking dsy, bs!!!!

What have I got myself , like all you, into, scam!!!!!

Williamsburg, Florida, United States #1193764

This company should be shut down! !!We took a 1,900 loan and have been paying since may 2015 we fell behind on payments in DecemberI was told to pay $700 to take my car off repo so I paid in my car was never taken off the list I've been behind a month since December and they repoed my car this morning and now they are telling me i owe 1020 + 350 for repo and some additional fees it comes up over $1,500 they are *** artists and thieves


Can u call me 609 880 3240.


I'm having problem I didn't know was happening.

Maybe we can put our heads together. Get more people contact news for help.

to blackbenz1970 Kissimmee, Florida, United States #1192854

Can u please contact me. Cuz my car was repo with the same company as you and this people make a copy of my car key. Please contact me at 321-402-7002

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