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They took my title and told me if I want a copy I have to go to the DMV and wait for hours to get a copy and pay for it. I gave you my title and you should give it back to me!

The rude person told me I knew this when I took the loan. No I did not no one told me! No one told me anything when I took my loan much less that I had to pay to get a copy of it.

This company is fast to take your title and slow to help you out What is the problem? Just give me my title back!

Product or Service Mentioned: Rapid Auto Loans Loan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Outlined in each contract is the DMV protocol for titles. we are including this here so that it is clear for those that might find this helpful.

RAL releases liens within 5-7 business days from the payment date in order to make sure the payment is good.SATISFACTION OF LIEN. Under the State of Florida Electronic Title Program or "ELT" automobile titles are now paperless. Therefore, when an electronic lienis satisfied, a lien satisfaction will be sent electronically to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. The title will then remain electronic until yourequest a paper title.

Owners with e-titles can request a paper title through the Department's Virtual Office website at WWW.GORENEW.COM. There is a servicefee of $2.50 to convert an e-title to paper.

Owners can also obtain a paper title immediately at a tax collector office that offers same day title printing for $10.00. Ifthe Lender determines that it will not or has not perfected the lien on the vehicle when this Note has been paid in full and otherwise satisfied, the title will bemailed by USPS to the Borrower at the last known address within thirty (30) days as required by law.

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