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Just like most people, I was in a bind. The initial process was smooth and customer service was beautiful.

I missed no payments, never late etc. I had to move out of state and all *** broke loose. My tags expired and of course they have a lien hold per policy (understandable). I asked what could be done and my answers got me No where.

I was told to pay off the loan to get the lien removed or have another title loan company pay the remaining balance to have the lien transferred. I payed my remaining balance 3 MONTHS EARLY!!!! They said since I didn't do a payoff in cash they had to wait 7-10 days before closing the account. The payment has cleared and posted from my bank, and cleared and posted to RA loans.

However, the lien has not been taken off nor the account been closed. Again because I didn't pay in cash, they say there is nothing they can do. I am in another state 1 car expired tags and no help from RA loans. Customer service refuse to let me speak to a manager.

They say 24-48 hr. before I will get a call back. They are telling be there is nothing they can do. At this point, when I call they are hanging up in my face!!!!

They have received ALL of their money with no problem.

Now they are being unrulely!!!!! I can't get around and they could care less.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rapid Auto Loans Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I highly encourage everyone to contact the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau and the Office of Financial Regulation to report any and all misbehavior of this company. Your vehicle has been encumbered with a lien that gives Rapid Auto Loans LLC (owned by Believe USA, owned by Victoria Gerardi, previous co-owner of Fast Auto Loans) the right to repossess and sell your vehicle during a dispute without recourse.

Take action WHILE YOU STILL HAVE YOUR VEHICLE!!! Once your vehicle is taken it will be sold to a company friend or family member for much less than its value.


Just to follow up.....Rapid Auto Loans continued to do nothing but state there was nothing they could do. Also NO ONE called me back.

I did receive an email about 2 weeks later. Luckily the state I moved to assisted me, and had something in place for situations as these. Rapid Auto loans stated they couldn't help me but did not hesitate to have an automated dialer call with a message to renew for more money because once it closed they could not help me. I'm pretty sure this is why they were dragging their feet.

Initially they were a great help that turned into a headache. I got no resolution from them but my issue is resolved.

Rapid Auto Loans Verified Representative

We have tried to locate an account where this scenario would have made sense but obviously, the information was not provided. All of our accounts take 7-10 business days to close, with or without cash.

A cash payment is only required once a repossession or default occurs, as you could understand. While we understand how frustrating it is, surely, you can understand that it is reasonable any company would not release a lien interest without the proper procedures and time.

We are sorry that is unreasonable for you, but the State actually allows 30 days and many companies do use that entire time, where RAL does not. We wish you great luck on your move and hope that you will be so kind to understand what we have explained here and mark this resolved.

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