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The man who approved my loan asked if I paid my insurance 6 months in advance. I said no, I pay monthly, he then told me I had to purchase their $600 Insurance because they're not going to check every month to see if I paid my insurance.

So I stopped paying my car insurance thinking that I was covered under theirs. BIG mistake, I was on my way to worK, (my 2nd day on the job) & was pulled over because my license was suspended since their insurance was just to cover their own butts. Why would he ask me if I was paid 6 in advance if it didn't matter?

$389 later I get my car out of the impound rapid auto loan is a disgrace. Then when I go to pay it off in full they say oh you don't know any payments until June so they're charging me Interest as if I let the loan go as long as it was meant to even if I pay it off early.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rapid Auto Loans Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I've dealt with Rapid. They dispise you if you have questions.

You ask the agent they say call Rapid. You call Rapid and nothing but attitude.

No one wants to talk to you. Just shutup and sign.

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