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Rapid Auto Loans is the devil incarnate. Sure, they helped me out this summer, when my unemployment fell through.

Now I wish I had walked the street or sold crack, instead of dealing with these crooks. The Better Business Bureau has given them a D, on a scale from A-F, so make sure to file a formal complaint with them. First of all, on many occasions, when I was current, I would get a recorded message from this hateful sounding male, informing me that I was in default. This always happened on a weekend, so I would have to endure the weekend under duress, until I could speak with someone Monday morning.

Calling when they ARE actually open, is an exercise in patience, since you wait anywhere from 8 to 20 minutes before you get a human being. As far as I can tell, my online account has NEVER been accurate. On several occasions, I had to scan and email my payment receipts, in order to prove I made them.

There was one night, when I got the recorded message, on a Saturday, 4 times, ranging from 1am to 5am. I called John Morgan's office, did an interview, and they agreed to take my case.

I decided not to go there, but now, I am going there with guns blazing. Yesterday I was right at 40 days. I made a payment in the morning, which is still not posted. When I woke up this morning, they had taken my car.

After having a series of small strokes, and being hung up on by one of their reps, Theo, I was given several different reinstatement amounts.When I called back and was given a different amount, the female rep not only failed to apologize, but implied that I'm a *** for not being able to calculate the amount, which was arbitrary to begin with. Fortunately, I was able to get the cash, and get my car, (which was 28 miles across town). My car had been raped. Everything, important papers, scores of sheet music and cd's were thrown into a box and virtually destroyed.

I was very polite at the towing lot, it's not their fault this happened. I'm reviewing my old receipts, and from what I can glean, this repo was totally illegal. I'm filling out the paperwork for John Morgan's attorney who's been contacting me, and starting proceedings next week. If anyone else on here has experienced harassing phone calls from this company after hours, or a similar repo situation, perhaps we can collaborate on a class action suit.

I would live in a homeless shelter before I would do business with these people again. As far as I can tell, the only "business" they do, is the kind a dog does in the yard. Please contact me if interested, by posting a comment.

As an experienced and avid blogger, I'll be posting this on every blog site on the planet. I urge you other victims to do the same.

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Davenport, Florida, United States #1246357

*** then I borrowed 1000 and by the time I pay them off it will be 1,900 lmao if I get a new car and sell the one I got a loan on can they take that? They only have a title for that car

Clearwater, Florida, United States #1236455

I'm now in the same situation almost I sent my 1st pay thru moneygram as they told me to I get calls saying to pay I talked to the guy from EL he said he didn't get payment I'll go to his office show him my receipt

Miami, Florida, United States #1230568

They are loan sharks nickel and dime you for everything they are the worst

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1216867

Please call me my name is David 321/442-2075

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1211178

This place has caused me and my family to be homeless email Beauty_ismyname90@hotmail.com

Kissimmee, Florida, United States #1192838

Question? Its legal that they do a copy of the car Key


I am currently dealing with rapid and yes what a pain it is not only are they rude, but the repayment is at 300%. I say seriously, I would gladly gone your class action against them. The biggest crooks in town.


I loath this company. My loan amount was for $1500 when I called in to make payments.

They informed me that I owed them 2850?!??

They are thugs that seek out ways to get your money then try and steal your car any way possible. I swear I would have been better off robing someone over this shitbox of a company.

Kissimmee, Florida, United States #924494

I regret greatly urging my husband to do this, he was hospitalized twice with heart condition we fall behind and now they ate calling him day and night. When you need to reach them they are not available, but they can ruin every holiday weekend AND even a hospital stay even more treating to take the car.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #905281

My name is Ruth,I had the same problem and they still repoed my car I owed $181.00 and that was.less then my car payment.these people are crooks ,I would love to sue these ***,they give us a bank card to use and it still takes 4 days so they can see the payment!!! We had to pay $750 to get my car back,after they took it illegally!

My tel # is (754) 234-1838... please help me get a lawyer!!

Ormond Beach, Florida, United States #892680

Someone please give us a lawers phone number to call! Thanks

Ormond Beach, Florida, United States #892664

These people are crazy! I got the phone calls too, right after I made a payment.

Now, they are telling me they are going to repo my 19,000.00. For 1600.00. I dont have a problem paying them. But, this is wrong!

This place needs to be closes down.

I will stand right by you on this place! Someone or people need to stop them.


Hi, I END up with the same situation, I get $1000 from them they charge me $900 to pay bach this time I did really need this money, those people is a thieves you can't trust that companies

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #863508

I'm going threw this same issue someone please help me

Lake Mary, Florida, United States #852246

I'm going through the same thing now..8/6/14


Hi, just desired to let you know, I enjoyed this blog post. It had been funny. Carry on posting!

Prescott Financial

to Prescott Financial #1062824

why are you making that comment?? Its not funny at all to be taken advantage of.

I too had to deal with this Company and the recorded calls. i did take a loan with them 3 times and had no problems, but i will NEVER ever do that again..Its too much of a hassle.

Rapod Auto Loan are scam artist my sons truck was repo due to them stating he was in defult. The collection company that they claim to be dealing with is a very unprofessional young lady who is very rude and disrespectful.

The so call recovery center are even worst the gentlemen would not give us the location so that I could see the paper work for my son to the loan off in full he kept over talking my son and using very obscene language. I don't anyone to use this company they are all working together to get you even more in debt than you are.

I would also like to be a part of the class action lawsuit if someone is filing one. Thank you Miami, Fl :(
Hollywood, Florida, United States #700694

Please do all these complaints with the Florida Attorney General in talahasse.

they have to do something.

1-866-966-7226 all together We can make a change with this Company.

Hollywood, Florida, United States #700691

I personally went to rapid auto loans today beacuse i was desperate to pay my bills for this month. Numbers were not giving to me until they have the final contract. At the time of reading and doing the numbers I was paying 100% interest. Even if paying in full next month I still paying 100%. How they do that legally? I explain

they usually give you a 28% to 30% annually rate

they are no pre=payments penalties but.

rule 1- if they lend you less than $1,000 you have a fee for about $350.00 (ussually this is the case, they always say you are approved for $900.

2-$25.00 to check You are not in Bankrupcy.

3-$250.00 to their insurance in case of .......did not memorised the rest. I did not keep or they did not give me the paper because I did not sign.

4-$...... other fee,

At the end they are charging You 100%.

Please read the contract, do the numbers. you better off going to a pawn shop.or ask a friend and give your friend 50% . you better off.

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