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I am dealing with these crooks wright now! Pressing charges with my towns police force.

There so call repo man try to break in my car and got caught. I am contacting Morgan & Morgan first thing in the morning. I would love to have a case against these people. I've been paying every month.

And they're trying to get my car. They're not getting my car! They're going to do something about this alone or I'm pressing charges on the repo guy and them. I would love to do a class action suit on them.

What I want to know is how come they're not closed down yet. How do we get them close down!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I'm laughing!!! The police have nothing to do with a repo.

If you are late paying, they have every "RIGHT" in the world to do a repo. You can call anybody you want! The bottom line is very simple...they agreed to lend you money and you agreed to pay it back, on time, every time!

Let me save you some trouble. Don't bother writing back saying "you must work for them", because I don't!

to Anonymous #1377327

Fake news!

Miami, Florida, United States #1288951

i would like to get involved in class action against them. Their website states they won't repo until 40 days late but they are doing it after 2 weeks.

That was my very last payment as well. Also is there debt cancellation fees ever legal.

I know they aren't ethical. Contact me at 386.383.1169

to Bill #1294289


You can always tell the know nothing serial deadbeats by their whining about class action suits! They haven't the slightest clue what that term means.

The serial dead beats come here to cry, whine and wail because they just can't stand the consequences THEY caused because they won't pay on time!

It's all very obvious deadbeats...if you don't want bill collectors calling you, then pay your bills and you'll never hear from them! No, I don't work for them!

to Anonymous #1352459

It's obvious you do, Ive never borrowed from them or will but you make it very obvious where and who you work for.

to Bill #1377329

Report to the CFPB, Office of Financial Regulation in FL, and the BBB.

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