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They took my car and because its a nice car they are finding ways to not let me get it back. I've offered to get current and they blew me off.

The recovery company they use are probably trying to make money off my car. Probably family or friends or both which is illegal. I'm reporting to the state's attorney. I'm going to find out who took my car, where it gets sold, how much it sold for, and who's benefiting from my hardship.

The person that closed my loan rushed me to sign and pushed me out the door. I should have took my time but I was desperate.

It's a shame that they do this to people. This has to stop.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rapid Auto Loans Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Ah the losers lament!! Sad you had a family emergency but this is on you.

YOU didnt pay your loan for atleast two months. After two months they took back their property that you were renting to own. How is this difficult to understand? You chose not to read what you were getting yourself into and when the repercussions of not paying your bill come due, you have the balls to go online and whine how unfair it is.

You made the choice to not pay! So how Can you hold them to a higher standard then you do yourself? At some point you had to know that each day that went by without paying your note was one day closer being taken from you. Once you chose to not pay your bill you pretty much tied their hands.

Now the vehicle is lost to you and they are NOT in the mood to deal with someone who can’t do as they agreed to do. You have screwed yourself and you want Internet sympathy. Well you will get none from me. You made your bed of nails so enjoy sleeping in it.

Real life doesn’t care about excuses only results. Here is the worst part. How much did you pay into the vehicle by this point? If you don’t get the car back you are literally out thousands!!!

And all because you made poor choices. Do better next time!!

Make your vehicle priority number one!! No car means no job, no shopping, no anything.

Rapid Auto Loans Verified Representative

First, allow us to tell you that we are sorry you are dealing with something within your family. No person is ever bound to sign a contract without reading it first - we want absolutely no questions, as everything is clearly outlined in our contracts including the repossession process.

You are more than welcome to read as much or as little as you want of any contract but we encourage any person taking a loan to know all the terms. Rapid auto never takes a car "because it is nice" - Our systems have been the same for years and it is as follows: We allow extensions up until a certain period. After that period, we start the process to attempt to repossess the vehicle. The contract states 10 days, yet we offer most qualified clients up until 30 days of default.

We send out calls, texts (if applicable) and emails to remind and warn all our clients. As long as the phone number is up to date and the email, we are able to warn you of an impending repossession. We also send paper letters. Did you not receive these?

If you care to provide the proper information, we would happily look into the numbers, emails and disclosures on file. We handle all repossessions and defaults the same and therefore, if you were repossessed, you were given time to cure the default.

I do not know specifics, as you did not provide information, but the State requires 10 days from the time of repo and RAL gives 14, so as you can see, we are not only transparent, but we also try to work with each of our clients, even when they have made accusations that are false. We hope that all your grievances have been cleared up at this point, but if they have not, feel free to contact us 954-960-7099

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