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I contacted Rapid to get a loan for my car knowing the value in advance and asking only a small portion of its worth. EDGAR told me he was sorry but could not give me any information regarding the criteria used to either approve and disapprove a loan.

When I asked how they came to the determination, he said to call back when I had another auto and then hung up on me while I was still talking. I wasn't upset that I couldn't receive a loan but did want to know how the conclusion was reached.

EDGAR couldn't have been less helpful. He needs to learn what the term customer means.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rapid Auto Loans Loan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Edgar.

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Be very thankful he hung up on you , they have set me up to try and legally steal my vehicle from me knowing they can turn around sell it and make a nice profit once they have so called legally stolen my vehicle , to anyone who is reading this if you think theirs no way they can scam you just because they are handing you money think again , these people are the crooks of all crooks , and keep in mind they want your social security # and they are exploiting mine , they have violated their own contract with me yet continue to sell my info as leads to numerous companies who in turn are calling me everyday trying to sell me their products , so they gave me 1,450 for my 12,000 $ truck title , shut down the card I was supposed to make payments on so that I would default so that they could repo my truck and sell it for what they know it is worth and at the same time make thousands upon thousands exploiting my personal information selling my personal info to outside companies . A law suite is brewing these people are deceptive criminals preying on the public unchecked , they belong behind bars !


Outrageous fees, payed back more than double by the time i was done. Will never use them again

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