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I'm making it known that I'm being charged an illegal and worthless fee known as a VDC. This is a fee that is nearly half the loan amount on top of all the other fees.

Beware of this fee and do not pay it. The OFR and the CFPB is going to know about this fee and how much it hurts customers. I suggest you do the same of you have fallen victim to this fee and a lack of proper disclosure.

What a shame that this company if trying to use a loophole to take advantage of needy customers. Do not pay this fee as you don't have to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rapid Auto Loans Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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The VDC is a voluntary amount on the contract that is clearly outlined. If you sent the information and it was complete, the VDC is immediately removed, as outlined in the contract.

If you feel that you sent the complete information and it was not removed, we are happy to go ahead and review this information. Please give us a call 954-960-7099


I paid $475 in January to catch up my loan and I'm having to pay $450 in March to catch up the same loan

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